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A good understanding of genetics is becoming evermore important as research in this area builds. TAGC is working on…read more

[/column] [column width=”1/4″ place=”none” ]law-ethics [headline] Law, Ethics & Policy[/headline] As Genetic science progresses, progress in legislation, ethics and policy is important to ensure positive use of finding for all humans…read more [/column] [column width=”1/4″ place=”none” ] [headline]board-953161_960_720Training[/headline]

We provide professional development training, including to education and healthcare practitioners. Training is available in all matters related to genetics…read more

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Events is one of the methods we use to make knowledge accessible to everyone. TAGC organises a range of events and in different locations and to…read more

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10 Robust Things We Know About Genes, Environments and Behaviour

Your genes can help predict how well you’ll do in school – here’s how we cracked it



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G&T2Genes & Tonic is back! Learn more about genetics through expert talks, debates, and games.. all of this over a drink! People from all backgrounds are welcome to join us at the New York University in Central London. [/column] [column width=”full” place=”none” ][headline][/headline][/column] [clients] [column width=”full” place=”none” ][headline][/headline][/column] [clients]
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