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TAGC’s goal is to communicate genetic knowledge in an accessible way and to address its ethical and legal issues – to enable everyone to benefit from genetic discoveries. To achieve this, TAGC brings together efforts from scientists, media, lawyers and policy makers. It also provides key information in an accessible way, and training and consultations at different levels. About us

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New book: Oedipus Rex in the Genomic Era: Human Behaviour, Law and Society.

Available soon, by TAGC experts

Are judges ready for judging in the genomic era? Is there need and willingness for training?

How inequality affects our genes / heritability

Partner Journal Publishing in Areas of Genetics and Society

Legal Issues publishes in areas of work covered by TAGC, such as attitudes towards genetics, ethics of genetic applications, genetic discrimination, use of genetic data and legal regulation of genomics. Learn more…

How might genetics change the future?



What is the level of genetic knowledge across the world and professions?

Considering the results found, the paper suggests several immediate actions that societies can take to enable the public to benefit from continually advancing genetic knowledge.

Resource on behavioural genetics for education

Educational environments interact with children’s unique genetic profiles, leading to wide individual differences in learning ability, motivation, and achievement in different academic subjects – even when children study with the same teacher, attend the same school and follow the same curriculum. This book considers how education can benefit from the recent progress in genetically informative research.

The book provides new insights into the origins of individual differences in education traits such as cognitive abilities and disabilities; motivation and personality; behavioural and emotional problems; social functioning; well-being, and academic achievement. Written and edited by international interdisciplinary experts, this book will be of interest to teachers, parents, educational and developmental psychologists, policy makers and researchers in different fields working on educationally-relevant issues.