Lawyers’ opinion on genetics related laws and legislative updates

TAGC and the Institute for Law and Ethics at the ICRHD have developed a survey /questionnaire on legal and ethical implications of genetics, in Russian, tailored to stakeholders of the justice systems, including lawyers, law students and judges.

The instrument seeks lawyers’ opinion on associated implications for individuals, and the legal protection in place. It includes vignettes with related scenarios, as well as a few basic level questions on genetic knowledge, answers to which are provided at the end of the survey. 

This instrument is designed:

  • to be informative as to lawyers’ opinions and attitudes towards genetics and related laws;
  • to provide sufficient information to determine the extent and need for further training on basic genetic knowledge, necessary for the justice system stakeholders.

The survey / instrument is available in English, Russian, French and Romanian languages.

The survey is fully anonymous, and it has been approved by Goldsmiths, University of London Ethics Board.