Continued Professional Development (CPD)


TAGC provides Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training for educational and other professionals and policy makers internationally, including in the UK and the Russian Federation. 

TAGC’s training includes:
• Providing accessible information about Genetics and Neuroscience;
• Seminars on Ethical and Legal Implications of Genomic Findings;
• Seminars on Psychology: Individual Differences, Child Development, Learning Disabilities, Cognitive Processes, Executive Functions etc.

Professional Development Training is also provided as part of our ongoing research collaborations:

Pre-school: training seminars for kindergarten practitioners  Collaboration on research projects (assessing efficacy of early child development programmes) – currently 5 kindergartens.

School: Seminars for school teachers and administrators – Collaborations as part of several research projects (a number of schools in the UK, Russia and Italy).