International Congress of Psychology 2016, Yokohama, Japan

The International Congress of Psychology is held every four years under the patronage of the International Union of Psychological Science. This year’s Congress was organised around the theme “Diversity in Harmony: Insights from Psychology” as it welcomed researchers from all walks of Psychology. Professors Sergey Malykh and Yulia Kovas, Tom Bloniewski, Ivan Voronin, Irina Voronina, Ilya Zakharov, and Victoria Ismatullina represented InLab during the Congress. The title of their Contributed Symposium was: Aetiology of Individual Differences in Education – Insights from twin studies in Japan, UK, and Russia. The Symposium was a great success and consisted of a wide range of topics including quantitative genetics, neuroscientific, and molecular genetics topics. The one-week Congress allowed for opportunities to establish more collaborations and enhance research ideas.

International Society for Intelligence Research 2016 conference

The 2016 conference organised by the International Society for Intelligence Research was held in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The conference was a great success with first-class speakers from around the world with expertise ranging from Educational Psychology, through Neuroscience, to Behavioural Genetics. Apart from an excellent scientific program, the organisers ensured that there were many sightseeing opportunities. Additionally, for the first time ever and thanks to Professor Yulia Kovas, the conference was preceded by the International Summer School Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Intelligence. The school was aimed at Early Career Researchers and provided an opportunity to learn from the world leaders in intelligence research as well as ensured excellent networking opportunities.

Building Bridges conference, Goldsmiths, 2015

The Building Bridges conference was held at Goldsmiths, University of London to celebrate the bringing together of scientific ideas from different disciplines and bridge the gap between research and society’s understanding of it. The program included presentations from disciplines such as Psychology, Computing, Cultural Studies, and Law. The conference resulted in the formation of The Accessible Genetics Consortium which is a body dedicated to genetic knowledge dissemination. Read more on Goldsmiths website.

2011 Conference of The International Society for the Study of Individual Differences (ISSID)

Yulia Kovas’ presentation at the 2011 conference of The International Society for the Study of Individual Differences (ISSID) : ‘Putting numerical cognition under genetic microscope’, as part of Symposium ‘New insights form behavioural genetic studies of personality, cognition, ability and behaviour.   London