Training to UK Judges by Fatos Selita on Neural and Psychological Processes in Decision Making 


Head of TAGC Law & Ethics and LESIG Co-ordinator, Fatos Selita, was an invited speaker at the Judges’ Training Conference 2018. The topic covered was, Neural and Psychological Processes in Decision Making.


The talk was attended by over 100 judges from UK Tribunals and Courts.

The talk ‘Neural and Psychological Processes in Decision Making’ covered how human mind is influenced, how these influences affect decision-making, and how to protect from influences (both external and internal) – how to outsmart human mind weaknesses. The talk included:

  • Memory
  • Metaphor
  • Powerful vs. powerless language
  • Attention
  • A number of psychological processes such as Fundamental Attribution Error
  • Influences and litigants in person (unrepresented litigants)
  • Pathways of influences into human mind
  • Undoing penetrated influences
  • Individual differences in traits
  • Impact of genes and environment on traits
  • Distribution of traits
  • Consciousness in decision-making
  • Mental health, and impact on decision-making
  • The extent human mind can update incorrect information (e.g fake news) with correct ones
  • Gene-environment processes
  • Detecting lies
  • Mechanism of dishonesty