Training to UK senior judiciary by Fatos Selita on Human Memory, Witnesses and Decision Making


Head of TAGC Law & Ethics and LESIG Co-ordinator, Fatos Selita, delivered training to the UK judiciary on Human Memory, Witnesses and Decision Making. 


Topic: Human Memory, Witnesses and Decision Making

Audience: the senior judiciary, UK



The training was attended by a range of judges, including High Court, Criminal Court, and Court of Appeal.  The training covered a number of important aspects of decision-making, including:

  • Reliability of memory and how memory is influenced and altered;
  • Mind weaknesses and mind bugs affecting decision-making (e.g. selective attention, fundamental attribution error, biases)
  • Suggestion (e.g. in police interviewing, lineups, advocacy)
  • Impact of questioning on memory on evidence
  • Lie detecting; The mechanism of dishonesty
  • How to know a lie from the truth
  • Origin of traits; Origin of individual differences and
  • How these affect decision-making.