We provide training on genetic and related legal and ethical concerns

Our training and courses are available in the following formats:

  • Campus
  • Clients’ Office
  • Online (Virtual Classroom) with live tutoring
  • Bespoke (Group or 1-2-1 coaching)

To arrange training, get in touch with us with your preferences. You can also take the short intensive courses subsidised by TAGC, including the Genetics and Law, one-day course; and the Genetics and Society, one-day course which have set dates.


Course also available on:

Genetics findings and their practical application


Knowledge on genomic findings and their practical application are now essential for medical professionals and policy makers, and are becoming essential for lawyers, educationalists/teachers  and other related fields of practice. Training is tailored to the professional needs.

Using genetics in health care and education

Latest advancements are now important in health care and education and it is important to use these advancements effectively for the benefit of people.



Legal and ethical implications of genetic findings

Knowledge of ethical and legal issues related to genomic findings, and of their impact on societies and science, are essential to ensuring positive use of these findings for the benefit of all people, as well as to maintain public trust in science. Our training in this area includes:

– Legal and policy protection in place

– Neccessary legislative and policy updates

– Protection of human genetic data / privacy

– Ethics of genomic research

– Practical application of genomic findings healthcare and criminal justice


Other training

Short training sessions are also available at our events, including in our on going Genes & Tonic programme. We are currently organising CPD training for school teachers. For more information about our training services please email us at contact@tagc.world.