Thank you to everyone who came and made our first ever Genes & Tonic event such a success! The feedback is now in, and we are happy to report that the event seemed to be a real success:
What did you enjoy most about the evening?

“New knowledge, great atmosphere”

“TEDS like presentations. Well structured”

“The genetic bingo!”

“The amazing and talented organisers who provided us much knowledge about Genetics.”

DNA CodingĀ 


DNA is made up of four bases, Thymine, Adenine, Cytosine and Guanine, giving an alphabet of 4 letters, which combine to make the huge complexity of all life on Earth. Participants were invited to learn more about the structure of DNA by coding their own names into DNA bases.

Wet Lab

DNA extraction is surprisingly easy and can be done with a variety of household items, provided the house has some pretty strong alcohol in it. Participants were invited to extract the DNA from Strawberries so that they could actually see isolated DNA with the naked eye! Interestingly, wild strawberries have 14 chromosomes, where as humans only have two.


Genetic Bingo!

You may have heard of the genetic lottery, but at TAGC we prefer Genetic Bingo! Participants were provided with an answer sheet that included answers to questions read out during the Bingo session. No two cards were the same, and players had to have paid attention during the many talks and activities of the evening. There were several great prizes and everyone had an excellent time!