We live in the genomic era: the human genome was sequenced at the beginning of the 21st century.  Increasing use of genetic information may pose legal, ethical and moral issues that society needs to address. The aim of this project is to gain knowledge that will help societies to address these issues. We are asking thousands of participants to share what they know and think about genetics and its use. We thank you in advance for your contribution, which is invaluable.

iGLAS-LE: International Genetics Literacy and Attitudes Survey – Legal and Ethical is an extension of iGLAS. To date, some 13,000 people have completed iGLAS and we are gaining real insights from this data. iGLAS-LE has been designed to learn even more about your thoughts on the legal and ethical implications of genetics.

To take iGLAS-LE in your preferred language, please click on the link below.