The International Genetic Literacy and Attitudes Survey (iGLAS) is available in 9 languages:

Albanian, English, Farsi, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Romanian, and Russian.

We welcome collaborations for translating iGLAS into additional languages.

Learn more about iGLAS here.

New projects and collaborations welcome.


The general collection is now closed.


iGLAS consists of a comprehensive measure of genetic literacy/knowledge for non-experts, a comprehensive battery of demographic questions, and numerous items tapping into opinions in areas of genetics as diverse as education, law, medicine, consumer choice, and philosophy.

iGLAS provides extensive feedback on the genetic knowledge items, making it a great tool to use in education as well as for research.


Successful collaborations have already been established in Russia, Spain, Argentina, Nigeria and Romania. If you would like to collaborate with us or use iGLAS in your own research, please find details and informationĀ hereā€¦